Woodworking opportunities for creative and profitable use of leisure time….

Among all of our hobbies and leisure activities woodworking seems to be at the top for popularity. I have been in woodworking for over thirty years now and I find that I enjoy it now, as much, if not more,then when I started.

It has been my main income as well as one of my favorite pastimes.

You can transform bare wood into decorative wood products, comfortable furniture, and not to mention all the home improvements you will be able to do accomplish yourself.

You will enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment by watching your efforts come together as your skill and knowledge of woodworking grows with every item you produce.

There are unlimited ways that you can use wood, from very easy projects to very complex. Projects comes in all shapes and sizes depending only on the skills and tools that you have available. The tools you need can be purchased but the skills on the other hand will be something that you will acquire over time.

There are basically two types of skills, manual skills for hand tools and technical skills needed for the various power tools that you will be using. The use of hand tools will require a feel of control and accuracy that comes from time and experience, also in trial and error. The use of power tools will have the control and accuracy at your hands making the work easier, faster and more precise than hand tools.

Note : Be it hand or power tools , safety is number one priority. Always wear proper safety equipment and follow manufacturers instructions of the tools you are using. Keep a clean and safe work area. Some of the personal protection needed may be safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, aprons, dust masks,etc.

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