The Simple Rules Of Basic Woodworking

Basic woodworking can be as simple or as complex as we want it to be. For the beginner start small and gain the knowledge and skills as you work through your simple projects, for these projects will pave the way to more challenging and rewarding projects.

Gain the skill you need first and formost and keep it simple to begin with.

Only by exercising our creative talents can we reach our full potential which will not only be appreciated and admired by the designer, but by all others who might observe our creative ability.

What is visually pleasing to one person is not necessarily pleasing to another,

Woodworking is a craft or hobby that will provide a new experience with every item you make. your enjoyment and sense of accomplisment will increase in proportion to your ability and effort that you put forth.

Always practice good safety when working with tools and around the workshop or home. Keeping everything safe for yourself and others should be a number one priority

Some of the basics are knowing some of the terms that is associated with woodworking, such as what is a bevel?

What does miter mean?

What does these terms mean? Chamfer, Grain, Kerf, Hardwood, Softwood, Butt joint, Rabbet, Mortise, Tenon. All of these terms and the definition for them can be found in a free encyclopedia for basic woodworking

Workshop Safety
How To Read a Tape Measure

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