Drills, its function and purposes in woodworking.

Drills can be define as tool with a rotating drill bit that is use for making holes in wood or other materials. They are one of the most useful tools in the workshop or around the home.

There are various types and sizes of drills, some are powered by electricity and some by battery, also known as the cordless.The battery powered or cordless being more convenient because there is no cords or drop cords to contend with.

The size of the drill can be determined by the size if the chuck, a 3/8 drill will have a chuck that will not take a drill larger than 3/8 in shank size and the same for a 1/2 drill. These two sizes are the most common in the drill family.

There are specific drills for specific jobs that we perform but you will find that a good general drill with adequate power and various speeds can perform most of the duties of these specialize drills.

With proper attachments the drill can be used in all kinds of job applications such as grinding, buffing, sanding and as a powered screwdriver.

Cordless Drills uses rechargeable batteries and are similar in features of a electric drill. In continuous use it is best to have more than one spare battery so while we are using one the other stays on charge and ready for use. This keeps from having down time waiting for a battery to recharge after being use.

Drill Press is a upright fixed type of drill that is mounted on a worktable or stands on the floor consisting of a base, column, table, spindle (or quill) and the drill head. These types of drills are usually driven by an induction motor. The head contain handles (usually three) when rotated they move the drill bit down into the object being bored. This head is usually spring loaded so that when the drilling operation is complete the head will return to its upward position.

The measure of the swing will typically determine the size of the drill press. Swing definition is known as twice the throat distance which means it is the distance from the center of the chuck to the edge of the pillar. A 20-inch drill press will have a 10-inch throat distance for example

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