Screwdrivers, A vast amount of different styles and sizes.


Screwdrivers is a divice that is design to insert and tighten or loosen and remove various types of screws. There are a vast amount of different types and sizes that are availible to us. Flat tip and phillips are two of the most common drivers that are use.

Flat tip size is generally specified by the length of the blade. A selection of six to eight drivers that are in various sizes would be adequate to fit the varied slotted screws heads.

Phillips tips are designed to fit specific phillips heads. Using the proper phillips driver with the phillips head will help prevent the driver from slipping while applying pressure.

These two are the most common we use but there are a wide selection of other drivers that is availible to us. There is the square or robertson, torx, star, and the allen just to mention a few.

There are also screwdrivers that are ratcheting, some with interchangable tips that fit into the ends of the driver. Some that is offset to use where space is limited, some are short and stubby.

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Bit of History of the Screwdriver

The flat bladed bit was invented for the carpenter's brace in 1744, thus being the precursor to one of the first simple screwdrivers. It wasn't until after the 1800's that handheld screwdrivers first appeared.

Robertson Screw or Square-Drive Screws

Canadian P.L. Robertson invented square-drive screws in 1908, this would be twenty-eight years prior to the Phillips head screws that was patented by Henry Phillips.

The Robertson Screw became a North American standard and was practical for production usage.

One more note about the Square-Drive screw is that the Model T car that was made by the Ford Company used over seven hundred of these screws. This made the Ford Motor Company one of Robertson"s first customers.

Safety Precaution. While applying pressure with the driver against the screw be careful not to let it slip off of the haed. This can be very painful and cause injury to the hand holding the screw.

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