The need for Toggle Clamps.

Toggle Clamps

These toggle clamps become a quick action hold down for our jigs and for keeping the work piece stationary while we machine them. They can be attached to a jig or to a working surface or fixture. We can adjust the holding pressure of the clamps by adjusting the length of extending screw.

These clamps plays a important role in the woodworking industry. They are widely used on a number of jigs and forms use on various wood working machinery such as routers and shapers. They come in a variety of sizes and functions they perform.

The basic toggle clamp is made up of a handle thats either is in the uprigth position or the down position depending on the typeof clamp. A adjusting screw that allows the amount of pressure to be aajusted to the work piece. A rubber head to protect the materials against any damage or marring from the hold down pressure.

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