Wood Screws, size does matter.

Wood screws are fasteners that are threaded to hold and join wooden parts together. They are far greater in holding power than nails. They also have other advantages over nails, they can be turned to draw the parts together more tightly and they are somewhat more appealing to the eye than the common nail.

One more great advantage is that they can be withdrawn to disassemble parts without doing any damage to the wood that can occur by trying to extract a nail.

Wood screws are more expensive than nails and require more time and labor to install, so the screw is mainly use in projects of greater quality.

Wood screws can be threaded two-thirds of the length or in some furniture manufacturing, the threads are all the way up the shank for a better holding capacity.

There are a wide range of different types of heads on screws, slotted, phillips, square, and in some cases allen heads.

Screw sizes are mainly indicated by the diameter and or gauge and also the length. The screw length is shown by the inches or the fractions of the inch. Lengths can range from 1/4 to any amount of a inch size.

The screw diameter is indicated by the gauge numbers, ranging from 0 (approximately 1/16") through 24 (approximately 3/8") with the most commonly sizes are 2 through 18.

One note to remember is that with wood screws the higher the gauge number the greater the diameter of the screw, but with nails the gauge runs the other way, the higher the gauge number the smaller the diameter of the nail.

Drill Sizes For Wood Screws Holes

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