Woodworking Clamps, some of the different types and functions.

woodworking clamps

The used of woodworking clamps and the different types of clamps plays an important role in the final assembly of our projects. Using the proper clamp and applying the proper pressure to the clamp is a very important element in combining our pieces together.

Proper pressure must be applied before the glue has time to set up. Excessise pressure will squeeze all of the glue out of the joint causing a weak joint because of lack of glue. Insufficient pressure will case lack of contact thus also resulting in a weak joint. The used of good ole common sense works well in these situations.

Woodworking clamps comes in many shape and sizes. Some clamps are specific in their functions while others are universal in the tasks they perform The project or job at hand will dictate the proper woodworking clamp needed to insure that all the joints are conected.

Listed below are some of the different types of clamps and some of their functions they perform.

Woodworking Clamps
C Clamps
Bar Clamps or Pipe Clamps
Toggle Clamps
Handscrew Clamps
Woodworking Vises