The Woodworking Hammers and its many types and uses...

The woodworking hammers is one of the oldest tools that mankind has known, because all through the ages man has always beaten or hammered things together.

If you were to take the hammer from our tools, most of our simple projects or tasks would be very difficult if not impossible to complete.

The functions of a hammer is delivering blows to to a specific article or area performing the needed task, such as hammering a nail, tapping parts together, or just for breaking up things. On the other end otf the hammer is the claw which also serves multiple purposes. It can extract nails and or other objects or can be also used for a wedge or prying devise.

The uses of the hammer are unlimited.

woodworking hammer

There are a wide varieties of hammers and for the woodworker. I would say in my opinion the claw hammer is the most common and widely used.

The various types can consist of such hammers as the..

  • Claw hammer
  • Tack hammer
  • Drywall hammer
  • Sledgehammer
  • Upholstery hammer
  • Brickhammer
  • Geologists hammer

The list can be unlimited depending on only the duty and performance of the job. One more hammer to be mention can be the rubber mallet which comes in all sizes and shapes also. The rubber mallet lets us deliver blows to a item without doing damage that a regular hammer could cause.

We can hammer or pound on things without leaving a scar or indentation on the object. It is very useful in woodworking for tapping joints together and not having to worry about scarring the surface or edge of the material.

Here is a well inform site that will tell you just about everything you want to know about hammers. Various Woodworking Hammers

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