The woodworking saws that are needed in various woodworking projects...

There are a wide range of woodworking saws that we use to achieve our different cuts. They can fall under two categories, hand saws and power saws.

Hand saws are mainly used by the power of human effort, these saws comes in different sizes and models depending on the job at hand. These saws also has a greater demand on the skill level of the person operating them, While anyone can use a hand saw in making a cut, keeping the cut in line is where the skill can come in. A little practice on some scrap peices can go a long ways on improving one's skill level.

Power saws operates on either electricity or battery and offers more in producing accurate cuts with a faster operation time then the hand saws. They can make the job easier, faster, and now with battery power available a lot more portable to take to the work area. Some of the saws we recognize as power saws could be skill saws, jig saws, reciprocating saws. Some of the larger models would be the table or variety saw, band saw, radial arm saw, scroll saws.

Here are only a few of some examples of hand saws that are available to us.

woodworking saws hand saw

There are several different models of this saw. There is the rip saw which will saw into the length going with the grain of the wood. There is the cross-cut saw which will cut the width of a board thus cuuting cross grain. Then there is the panel saw which has more teeth per inch thus producing a cleaner and finer cut

woodworkingsaws  Coping saw

This coping saw is capable of making cuts around sharp turns and curves.The drawback of this woodworking saw would be not achieving a long cut because of the cutting distance is the distance from the saw blade to the body of the saw.

This is a handy woodworking saw that can perform a lot of different cuts. The flexability of the blade gives it uniqueness from various other saws.

woodworkingsaws backsaw

This saw mainly use in cutting miters with the use of a miter box. It is very useful in cutting the various angles needed on some moldings. The rigid and short blade keeps the cut true and provides a clean edge depending on the sharpness.

These are only a few of the many woodworking saws that we have access to. The different kinds and models of various hand saws for the woodworker is basically unlimited. Each saw having it's own purpose in the ways it performs making the cut. The cut can offen defines what saw is to be used for the project at hand.


Always remember safety comes first and formost, always wear proper safety equipment at all times when dealing with any sharp tools or objects. Always respect the tool or tools you are using for your projects. Always and I mean always keep your sharp tools from children and out of thier curious reach!


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woodworking saws  hand saw