The Woodworking Supplies that we need ...

There is all different kinds of woodworking supplies that are needed to complete any of our projects or crafts

Some of the supplies that we use might be for example, nails, bolts, glue, paint and or stain, the different types of wood that we use.

Some other items of supplies might be the various types of hardware needed for our projects or crafts.

Items such as hinges, screws, handles or knobs, latches, hangers, drawer slides if what we are making has drawers in it ,etc.

woodworking supp;ies picnic table

Lets take for example if we were building a picnic table what would be some of the articles that we would need to start with?

The main item would be the wood obviously, then there is the fasteners such as nails or bolts, which ever is appropriate for the job.

Then there is the stain or paint whatever our preference might be.

Some of the definitions of Woodworking Supplies

Wood Nails description, sizes and their function.
Wood Screws, size does matter.
Wood Glue and other Adhesives.
Sandpaper or Coated Adbrasives

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