The woodworking vise and some of the functions they perform.

Woodworking Vises

Woodworking vises are used for holding our work in place while we are assembling, inspecting, forming, or just holding our project while the glue is drying.

Vises usually consist of a screw, cam or level mechanism that closes and holds two or more jaws around a workpiece or project.

A woodworking vise is a durable tool made up of cast iron and chrome plate and is used for holding the workpiece for performing any tasks needed.

There are many different ways in which vises function. Most vises function by holding a workpiece in between the movable and the stationary jaws, where as then we can perform an operation on the tightly held workpiece.

A major key consideration for buying and using a wood working bench vise is the ability to add jaw inserts to protect the wood that you are working with. There may be a lot of pressure put on a project piece that can be damaged unless proper protection is available. Wooden inserts work well as they are durable and won’t harm the finished face or your project.

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