Workshop safety and general safety rules to follow.

Workshop safety and personal safety around any tools should be a number one priority with everyone.

Whether it is in the workshop or just around the house we all should practice and follow all the safety requirements of any tasks we are performing.

Most safety rules are plain old common sense but sometimes we are distracted with our projects that we may overlook some very safey practices we should be following.

One of the most common safety violations is that we tends to get in a rush and take shortcuts that we shouldn't take.

No project or task is worth getting yourself or anyone else hurt and remember when it come to children being around there is even extra precaution needed.

Make sure there is no tools within reach of small children and do not leave any child unattended around tools. We all know that children has a lot of curosity about things they don't understand.

The following link is a great site about workshop safety and safety around the house and should prove to be very helpful in finding safety information on various subjects

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